Takis and Publicis•Poke make Gen Z fired up with ‘Drop Codes’

Fly poster campaign harnesses Gen Z’s love of exclusive drops and code cracking to promote Takis coming to Aldi

Gen Z-loved spicy snack is dropping in a limited number of Aldi branches across the UK. In an age of drops for most exclusive events and items, Takis’ aim is for Gen Z fans ‘to feel like they’re winning when they crack the code and secure their Takis.

Takis Drop Codes are a series of fly posters with cryptic codes that, when cracked, reveal the date and location of the Takis x Aldi drop. Each execution in the campaign has a different code hidden within: from Spotify code taking people to a cryptic message hidden in the song titles of a playlist, to a complex morse code message and a highly specific what3words address which leads people the aisles of a nearby Aldi.

The Takis Drop Codes are a great example of how understanding an audience can bag yourself some hot result. Gen Z are a smart bunch: we think this will get them into Aldi to pick up Takis by the bucketload.

Andy Thirsk and Matt Comras, Creative Directors at Publicis•Poke

Featured image: Drop Codes / Takis and Publicis•Poke


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