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Connecting on a human level: why emotions are the next big B2B marketing tool 

Turtl's Nick Mason argues that, in reality, B2B business decisions are even more emotional than B2C ones


The promise of the creator economy

ThoughtLeaders' Shoshana Eilon argues that there's a darker side to the creator economy, one that's a far cry from the fantasy of creative independence


The console wars are dead; long live the content wars

2CV’s Zach Kemp-Hall digs into, by way of Skyrim, Fallout and God of War, what PlayStation and Xbox’s war of acquisitions might mean for the future of gaming


Consumers turn up the volume on podcasts — but are brands listening?

As we enter the golden era of podcasting, AdsWizz's Business Development Director Ella Kerr-McCutcheon argues brands need to understand their audience and use the right tools


The tech entrepreneur turned sci-fi writer changing writing for good

Amit Gupta, Founder at Sudowrite, hopes technology will help people become better writers


‘Content’: To pitch or not to pitch

How does a client choose between a script they can read, and a collaborative response that can’t be completed in time?


YouTube’s updated terms of service come into effect

The update includes changes in content monetization and privacy


Third time’s a charm for UK consumers

Frances Lazenby, Senior Strategist at The Ozone Project, says the mood of the nation has been transformed as the UK’s third national lockdown thaws and consumer confidence to spend within key categories returns