Studio Anorak launches new production and talent agency

antonia & louise will aim to introduce new creatives to art directors and agencies

The publishers of Happy Mags Anorak & DOT, Studio Anorak, have announced their new production and talent agency, antonia & louise, which will focus on supporting new artist and spreading joy.

The founder of Studio Anorak, Cathy Olmedillas, is no stranger to the industry. With over 15 years of experience working in advertising and publishing, Olmedillas has previously launched the careers of many children’s illustrators via her publishing company, Studio Anorak, as well as delivering advertising and social campaigns for brands such as Bacardi, Airbnb, BMW, MINI, Rexona and Call of Duty.

Moving forward, antonia & louise will aim to introduce new photographers, illustrators and writers to Art Directors and work with brands and creative agencies. The new agency has already signed an impressive group of creatives, including Emmanuel Cole, Kinah Marie, Lizzy Itzkowitz, Celine Ka Wing Lau and Sara Arosio.

I am passionate about people living off their creativity, but I am also aware that it is getting more and more difficult to navigate the logistics of getting noticed, meeting the right people and getting regular work. It’s frustrating for me to know that creative people sometimes give up and get a ‘regular’ job, because as an executive producer, I have met many Art Directors who always look to diversify their roster of talent. With antonia & louise, I am hoping to be able to improve access for new artists, and have us all create meaningful and unique work.

Cathy Olmedillas

antonia & louise’s first project will launch in the spring.

Featured image: antonia & louise / Studio Anorak