‘Status Update’, the Content Creator podcast by Disrupt

Former Made in Chelsea star Stevie Johnson interviews a cast list of inspirational digital creators

Former award-winning Made in Chelsea star, Stevie Johnson, is launching a new podcast series which delves into the careers of inspirational content creators to discover what makes them tick and how they forged their unique career paths. 

Status Update, which is due to be launched on the 4th of October, features some of the best-known creatives and has been designed for listeners with an interest in the future of social and digital content.

The series focuses on influencer marketing agency Disrupt’s view and teases out some moving, amusing, highly personal and motivating stories from each guest about their own inspiring digital and social media content.

The first episodes include discussions with stand-up comedian and TikTok phenomenon Rob Mayhew; author, entrepreneur and creative sociologist Amy Kean; photographer and activist Misan Harriman; speaker, writer and activist Jamie Klingler; and entrepreneur, mental health advocate and co-founder and COO of Social Chain Dom McGregor.

Host Stevie Johnson and co-host, ‘voice of Gen Z’ Jake Crabb, begin each episode by asking their guests to recall one of their most cringeworthy ‘Status Updates’. 

Jake Crab and Stevie Johnson

The podcast’s title is a reminder of early social media status updates, like those on Facebook, where a short sentence was the only option, since adding photos, videos, GIFS, or emojis were not then possible. 

Status Update will be available on Apple and Spotify. 

Featured image: Jake Crab and Stevie Johnson, ‘Status Update’ podcast co-host and host