Plastic-free chewing gum: Milliways’s latest activation around Barbie movie

The brand's OOO campaign aims to educate fans and followers on the amount of plastic contained in most gum

On the day of the London premiere of the Barbie movie (July 12th), Milliways took its very own drag queen Milli-Barbie down to Leicester Square alongside a sampling team to hand out free Milliways gum to the crowd and educate Barbie superfans and passers-by on the plastic found in conventional gum. 

The on-the-ground activation was bolstered by geo-targeted social ads of OOO mocked up designs that looked like they were located on Leicester Square and the surrounding area.

This forms part of Milliways’ mission to educate its fans and followers on a scary fact: that most big brand gum contains up to two straws’ worth of plastic in every piece, made from the same polymers found in credit cards, plastic bags and straws.

We decided to subvert the line ‘Life in plastic, it’s fantastic‘ from Aqua’s 1997 hit Barbie Girl to tap into a pop culture phenomenon that’s taken the world by storm, using it to highlight important issues surrounding plastic. By taking our Milli-Barbie to the epicentre of Barbie mania, we knew we would be interacting with a very engaged crowd alongside the press, and we’re really pleased with the reception, both at the event and subsequently online.

Rosie Goddard, Milliways’ Head of Brand and Marketing

Featured image: Milli-Barbie / Milliways’s ‘We’re not plastic, it’s fantastic’ campaign