One lives life in the moment, the other only looks at achievements

Cherishing the present to build a lasting legacy

Within the vibrant tapestry of university life, where dreams intertwine, and aspirations take flight, I found myself caught in a captivating story of divergent perspectives. Let me introduce you to two remarkable individuals: myself, Said, and my friend Nelson. Despite our deep bond, we were driven by opposing desires. While I embrace the joys of the present moment, Nelson yearned to build a lasting legacy that would shape the future. Join me as I explore their individual stories, witness the clash of their ambitions, and ultimately discover the harmony that arises from embracing both the present and the pursuit of a great future.

Embracing the present

I am Said, a spirited and carefree university student. Life, for me, is a colourful mosaic of experiences to be cherished. The present moment is my canvas, waiting to be painted with unforgettable memories. Spontaneity fuels my existence as I dive headfirst into every possible adventure, savouring every joyful encounter. The ‘it is what is‘ mentality resonates deeply within me, and I find solace in embracing the transient pleasures that university life offers. I simply like to go with the flow and not let hustle culture or anything else get in my way of living. My love for the present moment serves as an inspiration to those around me, reminding them to seize the day and find beauty in the smallest of moments.

Building a legacy

Nelson, my dear friend, possesses an insatiable hunger for success and an unyielding desire to leave a lasting mark on the world. Always talking about I need to work, I don’t need sleep, being tired is only in your mind; that type of guy you know. He is driven by the pursuit of a profound legacy that will transcend his mortal existence. Nelson’s unwavering commitment to greatness fuels his daily activities (it’s kind of scary, if I may say so). With immaculate precision, he dedicates himself to working a job alongside University while going to the gym almost daily. His vision extends far beyond the confines of our university campus as he yearns to make a lasting impact that will shape the course of humanity (he is a culinary arts student and wants to open his restaurant once he’s finished). Nelson’s pursuit of a legacy defines his character, propelling him towards excellence in all aspects of his life.

Clash and growth

Fate has a way of intertwining paths, and it brought Nelson and me together within the bustling campus of our University. Our contrasting ideals collided, sparking intense debates and thought-provoking conversations. I challenged Nelson’s relentless pursuit of a legacy, encouraging him to embrace the present and find meaning in the fleeting moments we shared. Nelson, in turn, urged me to recognize the potential impact I could have on the world, to think beyond the present and consider a legacy that extends far beyond our campus. As we engaged in deep conversations and shared experiences, we both underwent profound growth, understanding the value and wisdom in each other’s perspectives.

The harmony of convergence

Over time, Nelson and I discovered that our paths need not be diametrically opposed but could harmoniously converge. We realized that cherishing the present and building a lasting legacy were not mutually exclusive endeavours. My way of living breathed vitality into Nelson’s pursuit of greatness, while his unwavering determination instilled a sense of purpose in me. Our shared experiences became a testament to the power of balance and the potential for extraordinary achievements when contrasting dreams find common ground.

Within the vibrant tapestry of university life, the stories of Said and Nelson illuminate the human experience. Our friendship, born from the shared passion for volleyball, taught us invaluable lessons about teamwork and also how different we are at the same time. We discovered that cherishing the present moment brings joy and fullfilment while simultaneously building a lasting legacy that empowers us to shape the future. Our journey serves as a reminder for others to seek balance in their life.

Featured image: Klaus Nielsen / Pexels

Said Onyemauwa, Gen Z Consultant, Imagen Insights

Digital marketing student in Birmingham from Austria, currently studying in the UK. Keen to work in UX/UI design and social media management after graduation. Enjoys volleyball and play for my university team (UCB)

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