National Rail targets Roblox players to promote 16-25 railcard scheme

National Rail will become the key travel provider between Roblox Games in the virtual universe to promote the Railcard

National Rail has launched a new gaming campaign with Roblox, featuring train travel as the key mode of transport between Roblox Games in the virtual universe, a first of its kind initiative never seen before by the gaming world.

Players will be able to go into 16-25 Railcard branded train carriages and be transported to other worlds within the game. Alongside the branded train carriages, players will be able to fully interact with a train conductor to learn more about the benefits of the 16-25 Railcard.

Led by Spark Foundry’s specialist gaming proposition ― Publicis Play ― the campaign will run from the 11th of September to the 19th of October and aims to capture the attention of students across the country looking to save money on train trips as they begin to make travel plans for the new term.  

The campaign media planning and buying was led by Spark Foundry, National Rail’s media agency, via the specialist Gaming division Publicis Play ― a division that offers clients an end-to-end gaming solution spanning media, production, data, commerce and creative. Working alongside National Rail’s creative agency Accomplice, Venatus a leading advertising solution in gaming, was responsible for the campaign concept and the gaming unit within Roblox.

Featured image: National Rail immersive brand experience via Roblox