Lost At Sea: a new game to making our world a better place

Partnering Appetite Creative for a blockchain-based game

Compete-and-earn game Lost At Sea, has partnered with creative technology studio Appetite Creative to create, design and build a brand-new multi-player blockchain-based game.

The bright, lively and intuitive user experience, where boats race in a variety of water-based courses, follows brave sailors who were once Lost At Sea and are now ready to embark on a mission to secure their well-deserved riches. The game offers players the opportunity to compete against opponents to earn $WAVE tokens or other cryptocurrencies like $SOL. Users can choose levels, characters and the number of opponents to race; power and digital ownership are into the player’s hands.

Tasked with designing a full Game Design Document (GDD), Appetite Creative has developed a fun in-browser game with multiple levels and features. The family-friendly game offers a unique experience for a wide target audience ranging from young people to adults.

We really enjoyed all aspects of designing and developing this game which offers a fun and immersive experience for people of all ages. The six levels, power ups and options to buy and sell NFTs combined with bright graphics and fun characters, make it truly a game for gamers and novices alike

said Jenny Stanley, Managing Director at Appetite Creative.

In order to providing a fun way for players to earn, the Lost At Sea team has pledged to donate a portion of the proceeds raised by the game to the Team Seas foundation, an organisation dedicated to removing trash from our oceans.

We developed Lost At Sea in late 2021 and released it to the world in February of 2022. Our intentions with the project have always been to utilise this emerging new and exciting space to help better our planet. With the upcoming release of our game this core principle hasn’t changed. Our game is just another fun way for our community to help make a positive impact in our world

Joe Morris aka Supreme, CEO at Lost At Sea.

The Lost At Sea collections available include 2D and 3D sailors and Admirals from cross chain NFT platform Magic Eden.  

Featured image: Lost At Sea with Appetite Creative