Index launch to shake up how Gen Z research is conducted

Imagen Index allows agencies and brands to reach Gen Z within minutes helping to inform marketing strategies through qualitative insight

A new Index officially launching this week from Imagen Insights will enable thousands of young people aged 16-28 to provide opinions, insights and feedback to brands while getting paid every time.

This latest innovation will enable brands to access long-form insights from Imagen’s global communities every day by searching for keywords and topics. Alongside this, users of the new platform will be able to ask 20 questions a month to Imagen Insights’ communities while also accessing qualitative insights provided in response to other client questions.

Remaining centered at the heart of this launch is the desire to help more young people, from all backgrounds, to gain valuable experience and earn money that will in turn help to open up doors for them in the future.

Created with a community first approach, and as a direct result of the feedback provided to the business by our young members and clients, Imagen Insights has also rolled out an app globally that allows feedback to be provided to brands even quicker.

Moving the platform into a native mobile app means that the 35,000+ strong Gen Z community, and other demographics, will be able to access client questions on the move, from their mobile devices, and will ultimately provide both community and clients with a smoother end-to-end experience.

While quantitative research via apps is not new, qualitative research has typically, until now, been carried out via focus groups which are both time consuming for organisations to conduct and not cost effective. This new innovative solution from Imagen Insights will move the needle in the market research space and speed up the qualitative process for all parties. 

Cat Agostinho and Jay Richards, Co-Founders at Imagen Insights saw a need in the market for a platform that delivers insights to brands within minutes:

We realised no one was conducting qualitative research at scale for agencies and brands at pace. There was a real gap in the market for us to speed up the process of keeping clients informed while allowing us to pay thousands of young people for their opinions – put simply that is why we have created the Index.

Alongside the app launch, in line with Imagen Insights’ ongoing commitment to supporting more young people from all backgrounds to gain valuable work experience and earn money, the business is implementing a loyalty program in the form of a points system. 

Community members will be able to earn extra money and incentives for their wider involvement with the business including but not limited to; completing daily client questions, attending events, joining the Imagen This podcast, writing blogs, speaking on panels and attending up-skilling sessions.

Featured image: Polina Tankilevitch / Pexels