Humancore and the mundane

People are looking to reclaim moments of meaning and depth

Ever paused to consider beauty in the mundane?

Today, as you sip your coffee or perhaps plan a simple gathering with friends, do you find you feel joy in these ordinary moments of life? Well, you should. In a world driven by trends and pursuit of the new and exciting, a movement has emerged, at least on TikTok — and it’s one that celebrates the simple and everyday nature of being human.

Hashtags like #humancore and #humansbeinghumans on social media reflect a growing desire to embrace and document the beauty of mundanity, and of everyday life. These posts are just ordinary existence: friends at a coffee shop, children in the park, a couple holding hands during a stroll. A tribute to activities in which we all engage routinely. The essence of the humancore lies in finding joy in the unassuming, showcasing the humility of the human experience.

Society urges productivity, but humancore invites us to slow down and appreciate the world

It’s a reminder that amidst the chaos of our daily routines, there’s a quiet beauty in the simple things. These videos offer a respite from the information overload that comes with the digital age, allowing us to relish in genuine moments.

The truth is, many of our daily activities may seem mundane, but they can bring joy. Whether it’s savouring a cup of coffee before a busy day, losing yourself in a good book before bed, learning a new craft, or spending time with loved ones, these routines hold profound meaning.

The charm of humancore lies in its hidden nature

Creators capture candid and in-camera moments, often without their subjects’ knowledge. These videos have garnered millions of views in recent months, highlighting the appeal of authenticity. They offer a holistic view of human life.

These moments capture the beauty of reality and evoke a sense of romanticism, even in the most ordinary of moments. In a world of polished content, humancore offers something different. One trend worth noting is the rise of community coffee shops. This lifestyle movement centres around gathering friends and hosting coffee shop experiences in one’s own home. Events are often documented by hosts, inviting people to step into the scene and share in the warmth and companionship.

Full disclosure: sometimes gatherings are free or can involve a minor fee, but they do foster a sense of community. And in this post-pandemic world it can seem like time is slipping through our fingers, thus we’re seeing a shift in priorities. People look to reclaim their humanity and cherish moments that hold meaning and depth. Fast-paced days are gradually giving way to a desire for authenticity and connection. Whether you’re enjoying a coffee or creating a space for friends to gather, you’re participating in a movement that celebrates the art of being human and the beauty of life’s unassuming moments.

Featured image: Muhammad-taha Ibrahim / Unsplash

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