Hertility and Be The Fox: ‘Ooh Someone’s Hormonal’

The new film addresses the stigma around female hormones and spotlights gender bias in healthcare

Women’s health company, Hertility, has released a new film, “Ooh Someone’s Hormonal” as part of a digital brand campaign, on the power of the female form. Created by female-founded creative content agency Be The Fox, the film uses dance to reframe the narrative on female hormones, highlighting society’s hypocritical attitude towards female hormones. The film aims to spark a conversation around gender bias in healthcare and encourages women to find out what’s going on under their own skin.

The narrative points out how women have been excluded by science and dismissed by a healthcare system that doesn’t fully understand them. It highlights how “being hormonal” has been used to shame women, their feelings and their bodies. The film includes music from pop artist Self-Esteem to turn the narrative around to a positive one.

Dr Helen O’Neill, CEO and Founder of Hertility explains, “Our hormones control our lives- they dictate our fertility, our weight, our sleep, our mood. We need to harness them, not harass women for simply being ‘hormonal’. This film serves to elevate the voices of women who have been ignored and dismissed. To empower women to hear their hormones and take control of their health. We need to start listening to women when they know that something isn’t right. In the 21st century, it shouldn’t be a game of chance to find out if you are fertile. Equipping yourself with knowledge about your reproductive health and fertility can help you make informed decisions when it matters, not when it’s too late.”