Fans can ‘Own The Zone’ at the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023

The first new category of sports game that uses real time live game data from FIFA

Reality+ has partnered with OTZ Sports to launch Own The Zone™: FIFA Women’s World Cup AU NZ 2023™ Edition, a free-to-play football-themed Web3 game that gives fans a chance to win limited-edition digital collectibles and real-world prizes.

Launching on Thursday July 20th, Own The Zone is a fun, easy-to-play, browser-based game where players predict the action in pitch zones either before the matches, or live using official game data. It’s all about where performance happens during the match, rather than who did it.

Correct predictions reward players with unique FIFA Women’s World Cup AU NZ 2023™ themed digital collectibles (NFTs). Those with the highest score are placed on a leaderboard, and the winner at the end of the tournament wins a ‘money can’t buy‘ prize, including an invite for the winner to The Best FIFA Football Awards 2023™ as well as other rewards up for grabs throughout the tournament for winning daily.

As a first of its kind Data-Driven Spatial Sports game, OTZ initially released during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ in December last year, and gives casual footie fans a new way to experience the FIFA Women’s World Cup™ whilst providing hardcore fans new challenges and the opportunity to showcase soccer expertise to their friends, both around the match schedule and live during the game action.

OTZ is published by Reality+, which helps worldwide brands transition to Web3 with bespoke immersive experiences, using leading edge products, backed by an award-winning technology platform and highly experienced development studio.

Sustainability is at the heart of FIFA and FIFA tournaments, which is why Reality+ is using a carbon neutral, cost effective, leaderless proof-of-stake protocol, to power the Own The Zone™ experience.

Football is a passion for people all over the world, and Own The Zone™ offers fans a new and unique way to really be part of the action during the FIFA Women’s World Cup AU NZ 2023™. We’re proud that FIFA has chosen Own the Zone & Reality+ as one of its Web3 gaming partners, and we’re absolutely thrilled to be building on our success with Own The Zone™ from the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™.

Morten Rongaard, Reality+ Co-Founder

Featured image: Own The Zone™ FIFA Women’s World Cup AU NZ 2023™ Edition