Channel Factory welcomes new global hire

Sujoyee Chatterjee has been appointed as Senior Director of Product Marketing

Channel Factory, the global brand suitability and contextual advertising platform, has appointed Sujoyee Chatterjee as Senior Director of Product Marketing. 

Bringing over a decade of ad-tech experience with her, including her most recent position at TikTok as Global Product Strategy & Operations Manager for Brand Safety, Sustainability and Verification, Sujoyee will be continuing to expand on Channel Factory’s growth across all regions.

Prior to TikTok, Sujoyee was a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Integral Ad Science, where she specialised in verification. As a specialist in executing product marketing strategies, Sujoyee has launched go-to-market plans for some of the world’s leading technology companies.

Phil Cowdell, Chief of Strategy, said: ‘The entire advertising industry is going through unprecedented and radical changes regarding Brand Safety, Suitability and Verification processes. Being able to bring in Sujoyee, an ad-tech measurement expert, who has held crucial positions in global tech companies on Brand Suitability will allow Channel Factory to continue leading the way in this area. As we continue to experience impressive growth and geographic expansion, Sujoyee’s experience will help us take our product marketing to the next level.

Sujoyee Chatterjee added: ‘At this current moment in time, there is an unprecedented opportunity to drive genuine positive change in the online advertising ecosystem. More specifically, through Brand Suitability and Conscious Advertising.

One of the reasons I decided to join Channel Factory is because they align with my views on this very topic; that Brand Suitability can be constructed to ensure inclusion and diversity, leading to real and constructive improvements to media wellness. I’m looking forward to taking this exciting challenge head on, and seeing, in real-time, the positive impact on advertising our team can have.

Featured image: Channel Factory logo