‘Whatever’s on your mind. We’re here to listen’

Kooth launched its first OOH campaign with TfGM to support Greater Manchester's mental health

The new campaign designed by Kooth Digital Mental Health and Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) is multifaceted and runs across multiple platforms, targeting all public transport users.

It includes posters across 90 sites located across the full Metrolink network including Manchester city centre and Salford stops; internal coving advertising panels across 147 Metrolink trams; advert on rotation across 38 departure screens at 10 interchanges and OOH large format posters at high footfall passenger areas within Greater Manchester.

For the Whatever’s on your mind. We’re here to listen campaign, Kooth used anonymous data from its service users to ensure the quotes and content were perfectly resonated with its target audience. This was vital to ensuring that the aim of simply raising awareness, and encouraging take-up of its Kooth.com (for those aged 10 to 25) and Qwell.io (aged 26+) services across Greater Manchester is met.

Commissioned by NHS Greater Manchester Integrated Care, Kooth’s free, confidential and safe digital mental health service offers a unique out-of-office hours provision that is open 7 days per week, 365 days a year.

Kooth.com and Qwell.io are designed to provide a choice of personalised mental health services — from access to one-to-one text based sessions with experienced counsellors and wellbeing practitioners to fully safeguarded peer community support — that help promote, protect and improve emotional wellbeing and mental health in the region.

Greater Manchester was the first UK region to provide digital mental health support free to all of its residents. However, despite the perceived stigma associated with mental health slowly fading away, we are aware that reaching out and asking for help or support is not always easy, whatever age. At Kooth, we wanted to be able to shout loud and proud about the availability of our Kooth.com and Qwell.io services and what better way than across the TfGM network. However, central to this was also ensuring that the language and content used resonated with the target audience. Our service users are at the heart of everything we do, and as such, the anonymous data and feedback from them played a vital role in creating the theme and wording for the campaign.

We are confident that those with mental health concerns will now know that our team of experienced practitioners and professional counsellors are here to listen and can provide support at a range of levels. No matter the issue or situation, Kooth is here to help the people of Manchester – safely and confidentially.

Ayomi Rupasinghe, Kooth’s Marketing Director

Featured image: ‘Whatever’s on your mind. We’re here to listen’ / Kooth, TfGM, NHS