What is bigger than hope?

Don't forget self-love and to sing your own praises, says Abi Adamson

Somehow, I think we have lost our way with hope

I have been thinking about hope a lot lately. My hopes for the future and my hopes for the present. It got me thinking that whatever your beliefs my be, if you believe in a higher power of not, hope is a very fragile thing to keep believing in. It’s fragile because at once slight adversity or challenge, it can easily be thrown away.

The last thing you want someone to remind you of is hope when everything around you seems so hopeless. But what else is there to will out of bed in the morning?

For me, whilst this year definitely hasn’t started of as challenging as previous years (2020 I’m looking at you), it hasn’t started off exactly as smoothly as I’d like. I lost a lucrative project because the client was making major cutbacks, our family dog of 12 years died suddenly and many close friends I have are directly affected by the earthquake that happened a few weeks ago in Turkey.

I was speaking to a few of my closest people and we were all laughing and crying about the hopes we all have for one another. Whether that’s finding love, a promotion at work, getting on the property ladder or having great health, hope is the will that keeps us all moving forward.

It’s not lost on me that February is the month of love and you only have to go onto a social media platform to see folks hoping for love, hoping to sustain love, hoping for a past love… but one that I didn’t see enough of was hoping for self-love.  Why do we forget this important one?

Naturally as humans we’re wired to want to love and be loved, but what I hope for everyone is self-love. The kind of love you give yourself knowing that anything else is just a welcome bonus. Allowing yourself to hope that your own love and self belief is enough to sustain you through whatever challenges life my throw at you.

For anyone and everyone who has ever grown through challenges that make you doubt hope, look back at how far you have come. Don’t forget to sing your own praises because you have to be your own biggest cheerleader. You need to know your worth and you need to remember that hope is the fuel that wakes us up every day. Everyday, the majority of us strive to be better. We hope that the present and the future is better and we work towards it.

Obviously, hope isn’t enough to build the life of our dreams, we have to also work at it. I love the saying that “heaven held those who help themselves.” You may have your own motto that creates a sense of self initiative and agency but whatever motto you use, make sure that you turn the words into action.

I realise this sound a little preachy but I guess the will of hope is preachy. Hope is something that we have to keep on manifesting. It’s something that we keep alive by understanding that we are the only ones that can make it what it is.

I believe that’s exactly why Dream defeats Lucifer because what is bigger or more powerful than hope? I’ll wait…

Featured image: Koolshooters / Pexels

Abi Adamson

Abi Adamson, Founder & DEI Director of The Diversity Partnership (TDP). Quoted in the New York Times as one of the "Stars of Black LinkedIn", Abi Adamson is also often described as the future of diversity and inclusion (D&I) thought leaders. As a consultant, Abi has a proven track record of delivering positive global diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) culture strategies and facilitating DEI sessions for some of the world’s best-known companies, including, Spotify, Slack, Google and Papier. Abi focuses on being an advocate for equity in the workplace and helping people overcome the silver elephant in the room when it comes to having uncomfortable conversations about diversity, specifically around race, as well as other intersectional identities. To help develop her understanding of the complexities of societal influences in the workplace, Abi is currently studying for an MA in Race, Media & Social Justice.

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