We Are Social unveils new gaming offerings

‘Gaming spaces are not like traditional media, and there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach'

We Are Social Gaming, the gaming-focused division of the creative agency, has announced three new offerings to help brands, publishers and developers cut through in gaming spaces. 

With more than 3.4 billion gamers worldwide and over 90% of Gen Z playing games, the three new offerings aim to help brands find their place in gaming, build campaigns for developers and publishers, and connect brands with developers.

Rachel Rakowski, Global Head of Gaming at We Are Social, said gaming is no longer ‘niche,’ cementing itself as part of culture, and is now one of the most ‘sought after media spaces for brands today.’

Rachel Rakowski

Despite this, she says, ‘gaming spaces are not like traditional media, and there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach. Brands and developers need to think differently to cut through the noise. This is why we’ve launched our three new offerings, which will give companies from any sector or industry an opportunity to connect with gaming communities in a number of different ways.’

‘We’ll be focused on work that’s rooted in culture, driving connections between people, communities, and brands, all while crafting messages meaningful to our clients’ audiences and providing meaningful ROI’, she added.

The offerings include:

Levels to Play: We Are Social Gaming simplifies the process of getting non-gaming brands into the gaming space by showing them there are levels to play and multiple ways to win. There is no “one size fits all” approach – bespoke solutions put clients and their products and the centre of conversation at a time where gaming is shaping culture.

Master Your Game: We Are Social Gaming offers game developers and publishers a full-funnel, connected and amplified approach to socially-led product marketing, with a focus on brand building, conversion, and player retention across new and existing titles.

Co-op campaign: We Are Social Gaming team taps into its broad roster of clients and connections to create meaningful partnerships with brands and developers, introducing each to new audiences.

Featured image: Borja Lopez / pexels