The Wildlife Trusts announce the new ambassador to champion the Big Wild Walk

Rhiane Fatinikun will back this year's challenge

The Wildlife TrustsBig Wild Walk introduces its new ambassador, Rhiane Fatinikun, backing this year’s challenge — and a special thumbs-up from TV presenter, Steve Brown.

Rhiane is an award-winning outdoors advocate and community organiser. She founded Black Girls Hike (BGH UK) in 2019 to challenge the stereotypes and lack of representation in the outdoors.

This year, Big Wild Walk participants can create their own adventure, whether that’s by walking, running, cycling, wheeling, or swimming, offering flexibility for getting involved. Funds raised will help wildlife recover and contribute towards The Wildlife Trusts’ goal of protecting 30% of UK’s land and sea for nature by 2030.

The Wildlife Trusts are leading a swathe of projects across the UK to reintroduce keystone species such as beavers, revive marine habitats such as kelp forests, and create more space for nature by rewilding larger areas.

This autumn, The Wildlife Trusts also team up with multi–Academy Award®-winning animation studio, Aardman Animations, to co-create Timmy Time materials to encourage families with young children to take part. The specially created Hedgehog Walk is designed for pre-school and Key Stage 1 pupils, who can choose their own Timmy Time themed character fundraising pack, including Apricot the hedgehog and Stripey the badger, to complete the challenge with. The challenge is to walk 3km in a week, the same distance a hedgehog travels each night.

The Big Wild Walk takes place during half term from Monday 16th to Monday 30th October 2023.

Featured image: Big Wild Walk 2023 / The Wildlife Trusts