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Lifting the tent flaps on Glastonbury: what brands can learn from the world’s biggest music festival

Ogilvy's Matt Waksman on joy, ageism, queer culture and sustainability at this year's festival


Hopes for Cannes 2023

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How to unlock the motivating forces of consumers to build an ROI-bustin’ campaign

"John Lennon once said, 'There are two basic motivating forces: fear and love', but he didn't know a...

Social Impact

How can brands navigate the topic of sustainability? 

Global Chief Strategy Officer at Iris, Ben Essen, reports on Earth Day, and what brands have been up...

Social Impact

Sustainability: does negative concern really drive positive change? 

Andreea, Behavioural Science Lead at Walnut Unlimited, looks at, amongst other things, the gap betwe...


Key drivers changing the world around us in 2022

From implementing sustainable practices to increasing diversity and returning to physical connection...


Can a virtual world save our planet… or will it just make things worse?

Possible Future's Sixtine Naquet-Radiguet, Vincent Defrenet and Grégoire Mulot discuss the realisti...