Sun and MullenLowe’s dishwasher dating experiment

42% of young French people have considered leaving their partner for incorrectly stacking the dishwasher

MullenLowe UK has partnered with Unilever’s dishwashing brand, Sun, to help one singleton find love through their dishwasher stacking habits.  

Research conducted in partnership with Opinionway found that 42% of young French people (age 25 – 34), have considered leaving their partner for incorrectly stacking the dishwasher. This led Sun to trial if matching people based on their dishwashing behaviour could be the key to relationship bliss.

‘Dishwasher Compatible’ features a lead influencer embarking on his own journey to love, with other influencers discussing the survey results.  

Alice Francoual, Global Machine Dishwash Brand Director at Unilever (The mid-cycle) said: ‘At Sun® we test on real life! We spend a lot of time listening to our consumers, and it quickly became evident that dishwasher stacking is a hot topic of debate! Whether you’re a perfectionist or coolheaded, whether you like your knives stored with the point up or down, or whether you’re a pro at organizing your cutlery basket … there’s no end to the stacking headaches!

The lead influencer’s journey will be going live across social and OOH, with a billboard highlighting their anonymous ‘dishwasher stacking’ profile, inviting other singles to match with their dating profile via a QR code.  This will also be supported by Guerrilla-style advertising posters and a perfectly stacked dishwasher to promote the singleton in iconic locations around Paris.

The influencer will also be creating five stories to share across TikTok and Instagram to announce their participation and encourage participation.  

Ross Marshall, Business Director of MullenLowe UK said:‘Dishwasher stacking says a lot about our personality and our love life! So, for Sun®, Unilever, a brand present in millions of households, we have conceived a creative and offbeat campaign to test this premise in real life. Through this campaign launched in the heart of Paris, the city of lovers, everyone will be able to organize a date, enjoy a good meal, and discover if they align on how to stack plates in the dishwasher, and on many other subjects!

Featured image: MullenLowe UK x Sun campaign in Paris