Nectar360 partners The Trade Desk to expand retail media

The partnership enables advertisers to target campaigns to Nectar audiences

Nectar360 has partnered with The Trade Desk to provide advertisers with the capabilities to connect with customer purchases on the open internet.

The partnership enables advertisers to target campaigns to Nectar audiences. Advertisers will be able to optimise and report on the performance of ad campaigns through a combination of Nectar360’s and The Trade Desk’s capabilities, allowing brands to connect their digital marketing campaigns with in-store and online sales. Nectar360 owns and operates Nectar, as well as managing Sainsbury’s and Argos retail media services.

‘Our retail media technology is market-leading, and we are very excited to combine it with the power of The Trade Desk to bring huge benefits to the market,’ said Amir Rasekh, Nectar360’s Managing Director. 

‘This is the first phase of a partnership that we believe opens up entirely new horizons for retail media, linking up our already-vast network of in-store, on-site and off-site opportunities with the open web, and planting retail media squarely in the digital marketing mainstream.’

The new partnership allows advertisers to use Nectar audiences on channels across the open internet, including connected TV and online video inventory. 

‘The holy grail for marketers is the ability to connect advertising with customer purchases,’ said Tim Abraham, Senior Director of Data Partnerships, EMEA, The Trade Desk.

As the digital landscape evolves and the industry moves towards new approaches to identity, our clients are seeking ways to close the loop and optimise campaign performance. Partnering with Nectar360’s technology gives us the ability to provide advertisers what they want – which is rich data to target the right consumer and optimisation capabilities to inform media decisioning across the whole open internet.

Featured image: The Trade Desk x Nectar360