NBCUniversal introduces AI-driven ad tool

One Platform Total Audience will streamline cross-platform ad planning

At the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas, NBCUniversal announced an expansion of its tech-enhanced One Platform offering for advertisers. 

The offering, called One Platform Total Audience, uses machine learning and predictive analysis, leveraging NBCU’s first-party data and advertisers’ data sets to produce a single media plan. The media plan spans linear and streaming, targeting a brand’s specific audience segment and strengthening its effectiveness. 

Mark Marshall, NBCUniversal’s Chairman of Global Advertising and Partnerships, told The Hollywood Reporter: ‘It’s creating the media plan. So where an agency might create a media plan saying, ‘we should put this much in linear, we should put this much in digital,’ then when it comes to us, we’re able to take it really down to the granular level.’

NBCU reported that an early test of the new platform indicates that advertisers have seen a 25% higher brand engagement rate than narrow age and gender demographics for the same brands. The new setup has sold out of inventory for Q1 of 2024, including in major categories like tech, auto, and retail.

‘From day one, NBCUniversal has evolved its business to connect with consumers where they are, while giving advertisers a seat at the table,’ Marshall said. ‘2024 will be a watershed year for change. Seismic shifts in measurement will throw everyone’s media mix models up in the air, presenting a singular opportunity to transact on strategic audiences and measure real KPIs for marketers. With One Platform Total Audience, we are empowering our clients to supercharge their media schedules in a whole new way and maximise the effectiveness of their ad dollars to achieve their business goals.’

Featured image: cottonbro studio / Unsplash