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Metaverse: the next big thing around the corner

Shared virtual spaces where people are represented by digital avatars are poised to change much more than gaming in coming years


Metaverse as the new marketing territory for visionary brands

Brands that can provide compelling in-world experiences, from games to desirable digital objects, are set to win.


New heads in the game

Audiomob’s co-founder Christian Facey reveals the new gaming audiences are not who they seem.


The power of Gen Z in a Customer Attention Economy

In Part One of our two-part exploration of GenZ, Jerome Hiquet argues that it’s their impressionable years that make this generation a unique challenge for marketers.


Have we entered a third generation of brands?

The new era of branding is undoubtedly marketing savvy, but it may be less bothered with brand building.


Alexa – I need a pick me up…

As brands continue to struggle with the question of how exactly to use voice assistants to deepen their relationships with customers, perhaps it is time to go back to basics.


Connecting in the Moment

James Collins, Senior Vice President, Media Network at Rakuten Advertising explores the importance of context to successful advertising strategies


AI and The Human Narrative

Dr Beth Singler explores the narratives around artificial intelligence and how humans and machines are morphing into each other

Online but off-limits

Online but off-limits

Marion Ranvier, Web Accessibility and Foundation Director at Contentsquare argues that brands must work harder to make websites and apps more accessible


Break down media’s walls

Nicole Kivel, Regional Managing Director of Retail Media, Northern Europe at Criteo explores how retailers can become media moguls


The great escape

Founder of The Barber Shop, co-chair of The Alliance of Independent Agencies, board member for the Effies UK council and non-executive director of the Brixton Finishing School, Dino Myers-Lamptey may have many roles, but variety is the spice of life.

Social Impact

The people demand purpose

Pete Grant, Strategy Director at GOOD, delves into the findings of the agency’s latest research into the public’s expectations around purpose


How much is too much?

Brands pulling their ads was just the start of its troubles for GB News


The tech entrepreneur turned sci-fi writer changing writing for good

Amit Gupta, Founder at Sudowrite, hopes technology will help people become better writers


YouTube’s updated terms of service come into effect

The update includes changes in content monetization and privacy


Super sonic

Marijn Roozemond, Senior Creative Strategist at international creative music agency MassiveMusic explains how sonic branding can help marketers get back in the right key, post-pandemic