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Advertising: reimagined. Why the language we use is a sign of bigger issues.

Modern marketing speak is so predictable, and examples of copycat culture in our industry are endless, says Amy Kean


The changing consumer?

Author Richard Shotton has one wish for marketing in 2022, it's that we focus on what doesn't change.


Is your brand ready for the metaverse?

From creating a consistent brand identity to prioritising technology, dentsu international's Thomas Le Thierry sums up what brands need to do to achieve success in this space


Cultural shifts to watch in 2022

From enjoyment and representation to regeneration, dismantling the system and the metaverse, Canopy Insight's Victoria Gerstman gives us five cultural trends for the year ahead


Hide your purpose under a bushel

Brand purpose is one of the most hotly contested topics in marketing, but how can it actually be effective?


Where next for brand positioning?

Brand positioning has evolved from a mark of ownership to an expression of purpose, but in an era of disruption more changes are on the cards, says Director at The Value Engineers, Giles Lury


Metaverse: the next big thing around the corner

Shared virtual spaces where people are represented by digital avatars are poised to change much more than gaming in coming years


Real love

CEO at Truant London, Chris Jefford, on how understanding fan culture in music can stop brands getting it wrong


Predictions for event and experiential marketing in 2022

With examples from Gucci and Vans, Sledge's MD, Sarah Yeats, looks at how immersion and branded content will be king in the year ahead


How will the business world change in 2022?

Changing attitudes and disrupted markets, rising prices and digital yuan, space stations and meta brands... author Peter Fisk looks at key moments for the year ahead


Music matters: Chuck D’s inspiration for driving attention

Truant London's CEO and Co-Founder, Chris Jefford, looks at what advertising can learn from music when it comes to driving attention


Age – it’s time for a rethink and a reset

Age shouldn't be the missing component of diversity and inclusion, argues Emily Fairhead-Keen, Strategy Partner at Wavemaker UK

Social Impact

The human condition: What Barbie can teach Boris

Julian Saunders shares some observations about Mattel's legendary rebrand of Barbie that Boris Johnson could use to pull off a makeover


MediaCat Magazine’s marketing moments of 2021

From breastfeeding and financial gender stereotypes, to child poverty, homophobic hate crime and beauty standards... here are some marketing moments that caught our eye this year


How I learnt to stop worrying and love the cookie-pocalypse

Writing from Tel Aviv, ThoughtLeaders' Shoshana Eilon says the death of online cookies isn't the end of the world, and that context matters more than categories


No news is bad news

Whether it’s on social media, review sites or companies’ own webpages, there is no stopping a consumer scorned.