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A not so bleak future

Hao Li, co-founder and CEO of Pinscreen, offers an encouraging perspective on the uses of artificial intelligence-powered solutions


Third time’s a charm for UK consumers

Frances Lazenby, Senior Strategist at The Ozone Project, says the mood of the nation has been transformed as the UK’s third national lockdown thaws and consumer confidence to spend within key categories returns


Driving connection and conversion through digital design

Ben Harwood, European Creative Director at Feed, looks at how design can shed the clunky image often associated with email and display banners.


Influencer marketing: an incredible creative opportunity

It’s just a shame some of it is a bit rubbish


AI and The Human Narrative

Dr Beth Singler explores the narratives around artificial intelligence and how humans and machines are morphing into each other


You know nothing about me

Prof. Moran Cerf of Kellogg School of Management says marketers can predict how new customers will behave, the moment they join a service, by looking at networks and data on peers.

Social Impact

Time to be seen

Dr Rebecca Swift, head of creative insights at Getty Images, explains how marketers can represent marginalised groups more authentically


Find the ‘I’ in ‘team’

Companies should be praised for offering apprenticeships, claims André (Dedé) Laurentino, CCO Ogilvy UK, but they often miss the target when it comes to full inclusivity