No news is bad news

Whether it’s on social media, review sites or companies’ own webpages, there is no stopping a consumer scorned.


The silver screen is still audiences’ favourite 

With people now glued to streaming for the latest releases, Pearl & Dean’s Kathryn Jacob argues that cinemas still have an important cultural role for audiences and advertisers



The power of Gen Z in a Customer Attention Economy

In Part One of our two-part exploration of GenZ, Jerome Hiquet argues that it’s their impressionable years that make this generation a unique challenge for marketers.


Five reasons why marketers need to become better anthropologists

Marketers should develop a better understanding of ordinary people today to improve performance tomorrow.


The pandemic proves it doesn’t pay to be anti-social

Marketers must weigh up measurement challenges against the flexibility and reach of social advertising


Flexibility and accountability now vital for the employer brand

Employees demand more flexible work structures, a proactive approach to career development and social accountability from their companies, to help cope with future uncertainty.


Delving into the Deepfake

Synthetic media has a wealth of opportunities for brands but the concept itself is also in need of a rebrand