Pain Pass: McCann London and Nurofen empower women

The tool is a free downloadable PDF

McCann London has joined forces with Nurofen to launch the Pain Pass — a free downloadable PDF to help people track and articulate their pain and symptoms, aid more constructive conversations with their healthcare professionals, and help tackle unconscious bias.

The digital tool, fronted by the acronym PASS, is the next phase of the See My Pain platform. It supports Nurofen’s new 2023 Gender Pain Gap Report, which is steered by IPG agency Golin, revealing that the Gender Pain Gap has widened in the last 12 months.

PASS acronym:

  • P: Pause the conversation
  • A: Ask questions for clarity
  • S: Speak up
  • S: Seek another opinion

The Pain Pass was launched at a two-day immersive exhibition. The See My Pain exhibition exposed the bias many women face when seeking help and a diagnosis for their pain. The exhibition, which spotlighted 13 new dismissal packs, exposed the reality of some women’s journey to a successful pain diagnosis and treatment.

McCann London’s Creative Director, Ruth Boulter, who played a critical role in the creation of the PASS acronym, said the tool is ‘deceptively simple, and above all, human.’

‘For this part of the powerful See My Pain platform, we spoke to thousands of women at various stages of their pain journeys, to change the way we support women in pain. It became clear that the journey to a successful diagnosis is rarely straightforward and relies on women having the strength to advocate for their own pain in the face of repeated disbelief and dismissal,’ she said.

The Pain Pass is supported by a full creative campaign. The hero See My Pain 30” film, spotlighting the stories of five women, is now live across TV, digital and social, promoting the digital tool alongside the PASS acronym for women to remember.

Featured image: Pain Pass