Livewire secures global partnership with Wildfire

The partnership allows Livewire to reach Discord’s communities of superfans

Gaming marketing company Livewire has signed an exclusive deal with Discord marketing specialist Wildfire to sell its inventory on the platform.

The partnership with Wildfire, signed in early February, enables Livewire to reach Discord’s communities of superfans and target gamers where they choose to meet and engage.

With over 154 million monthly active users, Discord allows brands and advertisers to connect with a range of special interest communities, notably gamers. Users come to the platform to start or join servers, which can be started by friends to talk and share content or created based on a shared interest, often games. 

Livewire Co-Founder, Brad Manuel said, ‘We believe in engaging gaming communities where their attention is highest and they’re at their most passionate. Our global exclusive partnership with Wildfire will continue to enable us to create campaigns that players love, publishers want to be part of and brands see measurable results from.’

Wildfire has worked with some of the biggest brands and games in the world to engage and activate Discord communities, using branded content and tournament activations to drive tangible results.

Logan Jory, the Founder of Wildfire, said: ‘Discord is an underserved but unrivalled channel and, over the past 2 years, we have committed to really understanding it, cultivating a network of communities with 16 million in reach, and gaining experience with formats to understand what works. Our global partnership with Livewire fuels our mission of delivering successful campaigns for some of the world’s biggest brands and enables us to focus on upgrading our Spark platform and empowering Discord creators to monetise in a way that’s not possible without us.

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