isobelKicks: a grassroots girl’s football campaign for kit sponsorship

London ad agency helping the next-gen ballers

London independent creative agency isobel is today launching isobelKicks, a grassroots girl’s football campaign to help the next generation of players.

Over the past year, the creative agency has sponsored several girls football teams who needed funding for new kits. In a bid to a grow their commitment to the girls’ grassroots game, isobel is now looking to sponsor more teams, with Chelsea Foundation‘s support.

The growth of women’s football and the Lionesses’ EUROs victory last year has led to a sharp incline of girls signing up to the sport. Over 100,000 more girls are playing football in the UK than there were five years ago. However, the cost of a football kit is the biggest barrier for recruiting new players, with three quarters of clubs (72%) struggling to fund it. Initiatives like isobelKicks is part of a wider drive to encourage more girls into the game.

Featured image: isobelKicks campaign


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