Hijinks Collective honours Royal Navy in new campaign

The film features seven personal stories

Independent creative agency Hijinks Collective has joined forces with the Royal Navy to create a campaign to honour Royal Navy personnel and veterans who give back to their local community.

Titled A Celebration of Duty, the film features personal stories from seven Royal Navy personnel and veterans.

The campaign reframes the Royal Navy as a ‘force for good’ and aims to connect a younger generation with The Royal Navy’s humanitarian work.

One of those featured is Reservist Lieutenant Napper, a research fellow, marine conservationist and National Geographic explorer who helped to influence the ban of microbeads in cosmetics to clean up our oceans from plastic pollution. 

Reservist Lieutenant Napper

Also featured is a former Marine Captain, now known by his acting name Tip Cullen, who served in the Royal Marines for 30 years and now works closely with the Soldiers Arts Academy, ‘B22’ Royal British Legion and the Company of Makers in Portsmouth — non-profit organisations giving serving and former military personnel a route into the arts. 

Tip Cullen

Tamryn Kerr and Marc Allenby, Co-Founders and Chief Creative Officers at Hijinks Collective, said: ‘Seeing the work that we co-created with the Royal Navy go live is a real moment of Hijinks history. As an agency, we set out to create culture, not campaigns, and this piece of work is just that. Hearing all of the incredible stories of people going above and beyond to serve not only the Royal Navy but also their local communities was a joy. Getting to work with those same people  to bring this campaign to life was a privilege.

Targeting a Gen Z and regional audience, the campaign breaks one week after Remembrance Sunday, launching as a ten-minute full-screen takeover for the Piccadilly Circus billboard, and will include cinema activity and other assets for OOH locations across the country.

Featured image: A Celebration of Duty campaign