Foot in mouth disease

Brands are still finding their feet when it comes to tapping into the zeitgeist on social media but it’s a very fine line to tread, warns Chris Stokel-Walker


Locked down and uninspired

Chris Stokel-Walker asks why viewers were faced with such bland creative during a time when the opportunity to reach TV audiences and re-energise them was at an all-time high


A bright future for advertising, post-Brexit

Despite all the uncertainty and early problems with red tape, ad execs feel they can still look forward to a positive collaborative working relationship with the EU, Catherine Turner discovers.


Publishers take on Google for life after cookies

The struggle to identify and target consumers accurately online continues, but will this be an opportunity to level the playing field, asks Sean Hargrave


Why Arcadia Failed

Is a failure to understand the unique differences between on and offline retail behind the collapse of one of the UK’s formerly most successful fashion groups?


The pandemic proves it doesn’t pay to be anti-social

Marketers must weigh up measurement challenges against the flexibility and reach of social advertising


Delving into the Deepfake

Synthetic media has a wealth of opportunities for brands but the concept itself is also in need of a rebrand

Social Impact

Consumers need help to feel charitable

In periods of personal financial uncertainty, discretionary spend and charitable giving are often hit hardest. Morag Cuddeford-Jones finds out what charities are doing to keep the funds flowing.