Craft Media creates a TikTok challenge with Melanie C for The Body Shop

Hinging on 90's nostalgia and using real women's voices to highlight female resilience

Craft Media announces their latest campaign, in partnership with two icons ― Melanie C and The Body Shop.

Featuring The Body Shop’s flagship Edelweiss skincare range, this is the first large scale paid campaign run by The Body Shop since rebranding its popular Drops of Youth range to Edelweiss in a bid to fight ageism. 

The Body Shop wanted their campaign to communicate the resilient building benefits of the Edelweiss‘ range. We needed to do this in a way that was relevant and uplifting, with buzz and talkability inherently built in to help super-charge our modest budgets. With years of real life experience under their belt, we knew that Millennial females had true understanding of what it means to be resilient and, importantly, how to unlock those pearls of wisdom to help you thrive. What resulted is a campaign for women by women, delivered in a way that delivers on the feel good factor.

Jen Smith, Co-founder of Craft Media

The Body Shop surveyed 2,000 different women across the UK on what advice they would give their younger selves to be more resilient. Craft Media London along with production partners, Gimme Sugar, then turned those real life quotes into a TikTok campaign, complete with an earworm soundtrack fronted by Melanie C.

The campaign launches on Wednesday 20th September across TikTok, Instagram, Radio and Stylist.

Featured image: Melanie C for The Body Shop Edelweiss skincare range