All that is solid

'Edison recognised that disruptive ideas both excited and scared people and that fear hampered adoption.' In his latest piece Richard Shotton introduces us to skeuomorphism


Face the strange

Genius Steals' Faris Yakob says it's hard to face the strange... clients say 'give me something that has never been done before, but show me it will work'


Lovehoney and the wild world of lockdown sex

MediaCat chat to the Lovehoney team about remote love, tackling stigma and having conversations around sexual wellness


Key drivers changing the world around us in 2022

From implementing sustainable practices to increasing diversity and returning to physical connection, Sledge's Sarah Yeats investigates


It ain’t pretty, but at least we’ll have nice memories

Author and copywriter Glenn Fisher on the power of nostalgia


Interview with the Editor — TikTok For You

This month, and as part of a new series, author of Infinite Gamification Toby Beresford examines the design behind TikTok's 'For You' algorithm


Dave Dye’s cartoons… On Purpose

Dave Dye, LOVE & FEAR'S CCO and Founder, crafts cartoons on purpose for MediaCat Magazine


Brainwaves on your bookshelf — Breaking Out of the Box: The Biography of Edward De Bono

Author David Wethey takes a trip down memory lane, by way of Edward De Bono


The promise of the creator economy

ThoughtLeaders' Shoshana Eilon argues that there's a darker side to the creator economy, one that's a far cry from the fantasy of creative independence


Pearl & Dean announces partnership with DIVE

All Pearl & Dean clients will be able to integrate DIVE as part of their campaigns


White feminism and the struggle Olympics

Founder of The Diversity Partnership, Abi Adamson, has a few heartfelt words to say about Jane Campion and her recent lack of humility


Consumers turn up the volume on podcasts — but are brands listening?

As we enter the golden era of podcasting, AdsWizz's Business Development Director Ella Kerr-McCutcheon argues brands need to understand their audience and use the right tools


Brainwaves on your bookshelf: The Hidden Agenda

In his first piece of a new series of book reviews, David Wethey takes on the book by Kevin Allen, emphasising the value of storytelling


Challenging the status quo

As the marketing industry works to offset the negative impact that Covid has had on our sector, and especially women, Imagen Insights' Cat Agostinho reflects on how it's important to highlight the positive strides made over the past few years


Listening to your consumer to make an impactful yet informed decision

If you truly want to drive loyalty with Gen Z, you need to involve your customers in grassroots conversations, writes Imagen Insights' Jay Richards

Music makes the difference

Music makes the difference

In a world of scarce attention, not giving due care to music means the difference between getting your brand noticed and being ignored, writes Truant London's Chris Jefford