What Birkenstock’s evolution from dad sandal to height of cool tells us about the future of fashion

Lindsey Stephens, Senior Engagement Director at Wolff Olins, examines how luxury brand partnerships with more affordable players can engage an elusive Gen Z audience


Love, fear, and the independent artist

Truant London's Chris Jefford highlights the challenges that independent artists, musicians and creatives face these days, balancing fear and love, risk and reward, and autonomy and control


All you need is love

CSO at M&C Saatchi, Sophie Lewis, says fear is a destructive force and the world around us right now is showing many examples of love and partnership


Ageism is not about being old

Chief Operating and Inclusion Officer at RAPP Group, Carolyn Stebbings, reflects on ageism and the fact there is value in all ages


Love and Fear — MediaCat Magazine’s April 2022 playlist

Thanks to the team at Livity for curating this month's 'love and fear' playlist


Art, fashion, branding and the importance of acting with intention

Mullenlowe Group UK's Strategy Director Hannah Hayes-Westall argues that engaging and innovating is more important than perfecting when it comes to finding your brand voice in the metaverse


Dave Dye’s cartoons… On love and hate

Silly flavours and role reversals... latest cartoons from the talented Dave Dye


What’s love got to do with it?

In his latest piece The Value Engineers' Giles Lury wonders if the nature of consumer love for brands has changed


From fear of uncertainty to love for the unknown

Brand and strategy consultant Olga delves into a love of the unknown and asks, how can brands adopt a 'change is good' mindset?


Q&A with Jo Barnard, founder and Creative Director of industrial design agency, Morrama

In this interview our Editor, Mike Piggott, chats to Jo about having a desk covered in sex toys, the evolution of the sexual wellness industry and men entering the conversation


Can a virtual world save our planet… or will it just make things worse?

Possible Future's Sixtine Naquet-Radiguet, Vincent Defrenet and Grégoire Mulot discuss the realistic potential of the metaverse


Protopian Advertising

Genius Steals' Faris Yakob says it's neither utopia nor dystopia we're moving towards, but a protopia


Why the metaverse represents interaction rather than escape

The metaverse is designed for entertainment — but that doesn’t mean forgetting real life and human connection, says Productman's Sebastien Partika


Innovation is everywhere — you just have to look for it

From Dyson to Nike, Bewonder's Head of Strategy, Oliver Budworth, examines brands that not only talk about innovation, but actually live it


Ac-cent-tchu-ate the NEGATIVE

For this month's theme of 'love and fear' Kev Chesters reflects on how fear can be a powerful tool for advertising


Advertising’s likability crisis

Richard Shotton on the complexity of modern life, why advertising has become a lot less likeable, and what we can do about it