Bloom UK launches the industry’s biggest consultation into work-life balance

The research results will be used to develop tangible, actionable guidance for the industry

Bloom UK, the leading professional network for women in marketing and communications, launches The Juggle, a first of its kind, nationwide consultation into work-life balance.

Numerous studies following the pandemic have shown that women are now more concerned about burnout than men, that they continue to provide more emotional support than men whether at home, in a caregiving role or at work, and that concerns about work-life balance are cited as a key factor in women’s continued underrepresentation in particular job roles.

To uncover why this is and further explore the intersectional differences contributing to these worrying findings, Bloom UK has launched the biggest ever consultation into work-life balance. The consultation seeks to explore whether certain groups of women are disproportionately affected by a lack of work-life balance than others and ways for companies and individuals to fix this.

Work-life balance is about so much more than flexible working or a good benefits package. At Bloom, we think it’s time for a new definition of work-life balance one that accurately reflects the complex world we live in where the distinction between work and personal life has become more blurred.

Elizabeth Anyaegbuna, President at Bloom UK

The first stage of the consultation is research-led, and will explore what work-life balance means to women, how it can be improved, and whether differences in age, financial status, ethnicity or religious beliefs, sexuality, country of origin or disabilities, neurological conditions or caring responsibilities affect their experiences. The research touches on the impact of a lack of work-life balance on mental and physical health, as well as how employers can improve policies and practices.

The research results will form the basis of the second stage of the consultation where Bloom UK, together with a panel of experts, will develop tangible, actionable guidance for the industry on how to improve and achieve a better work-life balance for particular groups that lead to improved job satisfaction, employee retention and more ethical business practices.

Bloom UK aims to make positive, lasting change by supporting and developing initiatives to ensure all women within the industry can achieve their potential.

To take the survey and have your say, visit

Featured image: The Juggle / Bloom UK

Elizabeth Anyaegbuna, Co-Founder of 16×9 Media and President of Bloom UK

Elizabeth is an entrepreneur and co-founder of Sixteenbynine, an indie media planning and buying agency. With over 18 years experience gained from commercial, operational and management roles in the TV and digital advertising industry across the UK and Africa, Elizabeth has a proven track record in providing high value commercial solutions and growing business across TV, Digital, Social & Branded Content within the broadcast industry.

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