Jess Wheeler

Copywriter & Creative Director

Jess is a copywriter and creative director based in Melbourne, Australia. His work has been used by 50 Cent to reignite his infamous beef with Ja Rule, appeared in a Netflix documentary, sparked an interview with Rolling Stone, been plastered onto placards at political rallies across the USA, been sold as NFTs and even acquired by the Melbourne Museum and State Library of Victoria for their permanent collections. Most recently, he programmed his own AI platform to re-direct any movie scene in history like Michael Bay. He’s won a bunch of clunky paperweights all over the world if you care about that stuff as well. Jess has also held the position of State Head of AWARD School, Australia’s premier course for aspiring creatives, lectured at Copy School, and pens popular creativity newsletter 'Death to Shit Ads'. (Although many of his school teachers would probably fall off their chair hearing any of this.)