Emily Fairhead-Keen

As Strategy Partner at Wavemaker, Emily has helped launch brands for FMCG clients, TV programmes for broadcasters, produced communication strategies and plans for insurance advertisers, and in the last five years, headed up strategy for UK Government in Health. An experienced professional with over twenty years in the industry, she has worked to address and solve challenging communication issues in both the public and private sector. Cutting smoking levels, tackling the nation’s health behaviours, and convincing people to invest in a movie about blue aliens (Avatar) contributing to a +$2bn box office through innovative solutions. Heading up thought leadership output, Emily has authored award-winning essays and articles published online and in print. In her role at Wavemaker, she was the founder and editor of the Wavemaker Growth Trends, the annual deep dive into people, media, content and tech trends. With a passion for DEI, Emily has run Women at Wavemaker for the past four years, an entity she founded to propel females to leadership positions. In addition, she created and leads the Wavemaker inclusive planning entity, ‘Wavemaker Together’ championing diversity in both work and culture.