Accenture Interactive merges agencies under “Accenture Song”

All agencies with the exception of Droga5 will rebrand

Consulting firm Accenture’s creative services division Accenture Interactive, which owns agencies such as Karmarama, The Monkeys, Droga5, Rothco and Fjord, will merge all of its agencies, with the exception of Droga5, as Accenture Song to reflect the agency’s “post-pandemic world-class services.”

Droga5’s founder David Droga, who has been leading Accenture Interactive since previous CEO Brian Whipple’s departure last year, will become the CEO of Accenture Song.

Droga said in a statement: “Since its infancy, Accenture Interactive has helped clients build and grow their business by being experience-led. Today’s needs are strikingly different. To capture the next waves of growth, businesses now need to operate at the speed of life, perpetually demonstrating their relevance to their customers, their people and the world at large.”

Accenture Interactive has grown into a powerful player in the agency world through its acquisitions of more than 40 agencies over the past decade. The company acquired Droga5 in 2019.

The holding group is expected to generate $14 billion in revenue in 2022.


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