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Channel Factory research uncovers generational social media differences

Research reveals YouTube as the preferred social media platform in the UK


Thank you for your attention, the future of media

As global ad spend continues its recovery, Thomas Le Thierry, EMEA CEO of Media at dentsu international, says a new media value system is needed


Advertising’s likability crisis

Richard Shotton on the complexity of modern life, why advertising has become a lot less likeable, and what we can do about it

Consumers in 2022: the three trends marketers need to know

Consumers in 2022: the three trends marketers need to know

Creatopy's CEO, Gabriel Ciordas, gives us three trends marketers should know for the year ahead, from online to social to personalisation


What we hoped and what we found: A retrospective analysis of the last decade’s worth of trends

Deeper Founder Ihsan Özçıtak and Medina Turgul DDB’s Managing Strategy Director Berkant Avcı look back at the last ten years of trends and predictions


How will the business world change in 2022?

Changing attitudes and disrupted markets, rising prices and digital yuan, space stations and meta brands... author Peter Fisk looks at key moments for the year ahead


Cultural shifts to watch in 2022

From enjoyment and representation to regeneration, dismantling the system and the metaverse, Canopy Insight's Victoria Gerstman gives us five cultural trends for the year ahead


Third time’s a charm for UK consumers

Frances Lazenby, Senior Strategist at The Ozone Project, says the mood of the nation has been transformed as the UK’s third national lockdown thaws and consumer confidence to spend within key categories returns