Rebel With A Cause — with MTArt’s Marine Tanguy and Yann Mathias, and RANKIN’s Opal Turner

Marine Tanguy, Yann Mathias and Opal Turner discuss strategy, planning, creativity, and the future of art and commerce


MediaCat Magazine Podcast
MediaCat Magazine Podcast
Rebel With A Cause — with MTArt's Marine Tanguy and Yann Mathias, and RANKIN's Opal Turner

This is the first podcast episode in a new podcast miniseries called ‘Rebel With A Cause’, which we’re running together with RANKIN‘s Opal Turner, we explore the relationship between strategy and planning and creativity, and how all these tools are a creative person’s secret weapon.

To discuss this, along with co-host Opal Turner, we got together Marine Tanguy and Yann Mathias, the founder and CCO of creative and talent agency MTArt, to discuss a great many things. Including how they got into creative careers, the great creative polymaths that inspire them, creative periods in history and how digital and Web3 is an exciting place for art right now, with the metaverse and NFTs. We discussed stereotypes and entrepreneurial mindsets, and lots more.

We hope you enjoy.

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The UNSEEN project from RANKIN is about being unfairly censored on social platforms. To get involved head here to fill in this form.

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