Paul Feldwick and Faris Yakob discuss the nature of fame and attention

We ask authors Paul and Faris how important fame is today and then sit back and watch their brains work


MediaCat Magazine Podcast
MediaCat Magazine Podcast
Paul Feldwick and Faris Yakob discuss the nature of fame and attention

For this latest MediaCat Magazine podcast our Editor Mike Piggott spoke to two big brains: Paul Feldwick, author of The Anatomy of Humbug and Why Does the Pedlar Sing?, and Faris Yakob, author of Paid Attention and co-founder of the consultancy, Genius Steals. 

In this 40-minute conversation they discuss the nature of fame and whether that has changed over the years with the rise of the internet and influencers, how attention and showmanship play a part in this puzzle, they touch on Elon Musk and Howard Hughes and the nature of controversial figureheads, Bowie and the drawbacks to chasing fame, as well as how brands can find fame without having a figurehead.

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Why Does the Pedlar Sing? — book by Paul Feldwick

Paid Attention — book by Faris Yakob

How Oatly became a go — MediaCat Magazine article by Paul Feldwick

Changing, fast and slow — MediaCat Magazine article by Faris Yakob

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