Bob Hoffman on Ad industry failures, tracking, and fame

We discuss why fame is something brands should focus on


MediaCat Magazine Podcast
MediaCat Magazine Podcast
Bob Hoffman on Ad industry failures, tracking, and fame

For this pod our Editor Mike Piggott spoke to acclaimed author, blogger and speaker, Bob Hoffman, about age, wisdom, learning, and the constant and consistent failures of the advertising industry. They discussed Bob’s title of Chief Aggravation Officer and whether his approach to aggravation has changed over the years, why he’s both ‘brave’ and ‘rude’ about the industry, the reasons the ad industry never seems to learn, and why fame is the most reliable driver of success for brands.

They also discuss Bob’s latest book: ADSCAM: How Online Advertising Gave Birth to One of History’s Greatest Frauds, and Became a Threat to Democracy. 

About Bob

Bob is the author of five Amazon #1 selling books about advertising. He’s one of the most sought-after international speakers on advertising and marketing, and one of his books, “BadMen: How Advertising Went From A Minor Annoyance To A Major Menace” exposed many of the dangerous data abuse practices that went on to make international headlines. It was selected “Best of Marketing 2017”.

He’s the creator of The Ad Contrarian blog and newsletter, which was named one of the world’s most influential marketing and advertising blogs by Business Insider. He’s been the CEO of two independent agencies and in 2012 he was selected “Ad Person of the Year” by the San Francisco Advertising Club.

Learn more about Bob and his work on his website.

Mike Piggott, Executive Editor at MediaCat Magazine

For eight years (2013 to 2020) Mike shaped and led The Marketing Society’s editorial, digital and content strategy, working with CMOs, marketing directors, CEOs, authors, and heads of strategy to produce culturally relevant content that resonates with business leaders worldwide. Near the end of 2021 he joined MediaCat Magazine. He launched their podcast channel in early 2022, and set about creating thematic content that writers could dig into each month, themes such as 'utopias and dystopias' and 'age and wisdom'. On the side he's a screenwriter, spoken word poet, film and TV blogger and music critic. He also once came second in a Creative Review competition to rewrite Trainspotting's famous 'choose life' speech.

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