Christian Facey

Christian Facey (Forbes 30 Under 30, 2021) is CEO and co-founder of AudioMob, the world’s first non-intrusive gaming advertising solution that allows game developers to monetise their audiences via audio advertising. AudioMob, a VC-backed company that recently closed $2m in funding, is tackling an $18bn dollar opportunity. Before founding AudioMob in Q1 2020 Christian worked at two of the best companies in the world. He was a strategist at Google, managing up to $100m in advertising spend. At Facebook, a marketing science partner, using cutting edge solutions to measure the true value of advertising. As a result of his successes, Christian also runs a mentoring scheme alongside AudioMob to pass learning over to the younger generation. Outside running AudioMob and mentoring schemes, Christian enjoys video game development, producing hip-hop/jazz music and break dancing.